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Brannon & Kelly Riley About Us

Brannon and Kelly Riley have both been involved with horses their entire lives,so it is no wonder they met early on while showing horses.  Through the years, they have helped each other and worked hard to produce top quality performance horses. They own and operate a private farm in NE Ohio where they continue training and showing their own horses. They train, buy and sell premium pole and barrel horses and prospects at their facility in Creston, Ohio.

Brannon Riley is a 3X AQHA World Champion, 3X AQHA Reserve World Champion, as well as a 5X All American Quarter Horse Congress Champion in Pole Bending, and 9X Reserve Congress Champion in either barrels or poles.  He has trained all of his horses, and has won the AQHA World on three different horses, and continues to win with different horses. In 2009, he was also the year end AQHA High Point Amateur Pole Bending Champion with Haley Jos Charm. That was the same year he won the Amatuer Pole Bending at the Kentucky  State Fair, Quarter Horse Congress and the AQHA World Show.   He is passionate about the sport of pole bending, and dedicated toward making each horse reach their full potential. In addition, Brannon has won a class at every major pole bending show throughout the nation. Many winning prospects in barrel racing and pole bending have been started and trained by Riley Performance Horses.

Kelly(Smith) Riley may not have all the accolades that her husband does, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had her success in the show arena. She was the Reserve Champion at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Novice Amateur Poles, and has won or placed at the AQHA Kentucky State Fair,  North American International Livestock AQHA show, and been in the top ten at Congress in pole bending and barrel racing. She has won or placed at various rodeos, association and club shows, open barrel races, and at prestigious AQHA shows. In addition, she has been with Brannon through all his major wins and as helped him along the way. Together they make a balanced team with their years of experience and combination of training styles.

AQHA World Champion 2006, 2009


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Fast Fact

Brannon still holds the  record for the fastest time in Amateur Poles in AQHA World Show Competition 1995 to present.

The time of 19.631 with           A Sharp Nesian,  "Showdown" in 1997 helped him secure his 1st AQHA World Championship.

1997 World Champion

Click here to watch the run!

Click here to view a pdf of other AQHA World Show Records .


Brannon & Kelly 2004 World

    Above, Brannon & Kelly   at the AQHA World show in Oklahoma City.Below , Kelly's beloved "son" Pete. Pete traveled  all over the country with them.    RIP 6/12/13

Pete, the jack russel.

 We Welcome our new son, also a Jack Russell Terrier..Sparky Lee!

Sparky the Brindle Jack!





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